April Ayers Lawson



Los Angeles Review Of Books: "eminently readable [...] filled with heart and breath and life"

[London] Sunday Times: "there is a touch of dark Southern Gothic in Lawson's world, but it is lit by the sheer intelligence of her writing and her x-ray vision for the inner dynamics of relationships"

New York Times: "confident [...] unnerving" 

NPR: "Against a background of suppressed passions and sublimation, 'Virgin And Other Stories' zeroes in on the hard-won, highly charged moments of awakening in these conflicted lives"

[London] Times Literary Supplement:  "[Lawson's] prose is delivered with an arch of the eyebrow and an eerie emotional wind whistling through the air [...] strange and seductive"

Publisher's Weekly: "The precision of Lawson's prose brilliantly contrasts with the messy inner lives of her characters"

Irish Times: "Feelings stripped to the bone [...] a bell jar for a modern woman"

Huffington Post: "Lawson explores a moral grey area, uncovering new possibilities for truth"

Seattle Times: "An intriguing start for a promising writer"

The New Statesman: "Lawson's stories, at once forensic and mysterious, show how insistent our wants can be and how hard they are to understand"

Electric Literature: "a redolent, troubling read, both emotionally penetrating and intellectually probing"

Cardiff Review: "What this collection shows, more than anything, is that no matter how deep the shadow of the Bible Belt runs, there can still bloom flowers of hope like the miracles the belt itself preaches"

Harvard Crimson: "Lawson's ability to compress character development is particularly impressive because the people themselves are so complex"

Literary Review: "studded with gems [...] a young writer to watch"

Charlotte Observer: "marks the beginning of an auspicious career"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Lawson's palpable prose carries 'Virgin And Other Stories' and like any whirlwind love affair leaves us breathless and wanting more"

Glasgow Review Of Books: "Sexy, Existential, Cool""

The Lonesome Reader: "It's difficult to write about desire in a way which feels wholly new, but that's something April Ayers Lawson does repeatedly in her debut book"

Entertainment Realm:   "Best read slowly to savor and absorb the exquisite details"

Kirkus Review:  "meaty, satisfying tales of a substance that suggests Lawson would make a fine novelist"



April Ayers Lawson is the author of Virgin and Other Stories [Farrar, Straus and Giroux; and Granta Books], which in addition to being named a best book of the year by The Irish Times, Vice, BOMB, Southern Living, and Refinery29 is also being translated for publication in Germany, Italy, Norway, and Spain.  She has received the George Plimpton Award for Fiction, as well as a writing fellowship from The Corporation of Yaddo.  Her fiction has appeared in Paris Review, Granta, and Oxford American, among others, has been cited as notable in Best American Short Stories, and was anthologized in The Unprofessionals: New American Writing from The Paris Review.  She has lectured in the creative writing department at Emory University, and as the 2016-17 Kenan Visiting Writer at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


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